Club Armonio

The club Armonio :
basic operating indications, and benefits

Exclusive benefits :

  • ACCESS allocations of Armonio wines at preferential price guaranteed on a long term span.
  • Become a land OWNER, with ability to purchase land shares in Southern French selected areas. Currently Campo Stella land : 180 vines, 1500 per share, to receive 24 bottles per year of Château Mas Neuf.
    (Cuvée Compostelle 18 red + 6 white public recomended price :. USD 456 thus a yield of 30% every year).
  • Priority sales of en primeur Armonio wines.
  • A yearly minimum of 4 Large Private Sales from estates offering limited series edition wines.
  • Between 10 and 20% discount on a range of Rhone winemaker partners Producers Club (all year subject to stock availability).
  • Priority access, to pre or post harvest parties, limited edition wines from the estate, gourmet evenings organized with partner restaurants.
  • Cooking classes with top chefs.

A simple and efficient operation :

  • Join with a once off membership fee: USD 375 (valid for 25 years).
  • Choose between 3 different schemes: Discovery, First or Premium.

To enable growers to devote all their time and energy to produce great wines, each member of the Club is committed to either 3, 5 or 10 years by buying his allowance of wines at once. He chooses his investment scheme (number of years and quantity allocation) accessing very special prices and thus ensures optimum performance.

Producers, partners and creators of the Club are committed to focus on establishing a long term mutually beneficial relationship with its members through regular monitoring of work in the vineyard and in the cellars during the long ageing of the wines in noble French oak. They will be informing the members all the exclusive benefits that will be regularly offered, and of all unique advantages that this club has developed for them.

>> Until 30 June 2013 (only 200 shares available) :

  • Access to property : subscribe to shares of GFA "CAMPO STELLA" :

Become the owner of 180 vines to receive 24 bottles per year of Château Mas Neuf *.
Price from: USD 1500.

*Cuvée Compostela: 18 red + 6 white. RRP 2013: USD 456€ (yearly yield of 30% served lifetime).

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